Microsoft to open first East Coast research lab in Cambridge is reporting today that Microsoft will open a research lab in Boston (Just down the road from me.) "Microsoft Corp., building up its long-term research capability at a time when other corporate research powerhouses have scaled back, is set to disclose today that it will open a laboratory at its new offices in…


Come Join me and Work at Microsoft

The Developer Community Team at Microsoft is looking for a Senior Program Manager to own one of our community web sites. Each of our community web sites is the top resource for information about its respective technology. (Silverlight, ASP.NET, Widows Client, IIS) . We are looking for someone who is passionate about building great web…



FastCGI for IIS has launched. This is HUGE for developers in heterogeneous environments and developers that "get" the power of ASP.NET but also want to leverage the great PHP applications that are available out there. · FastCGI is a free download and you can get it at · FastCGI allows IIS to reuse CGI…


Copy and Paste Source Code as HTML

Posting code to your blog – check out these links to a Visual Studio Add-In to let you Cut  and Paste code as HTML.


Jumptree – Why we chose ASP.NET to rn our startup!

Check out this interesting post on wy Jumptree selected ASP.NET as the technology on wich to base their internet startup !  


Getting Ready for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5

Over the next few weeks I’ll be heads down recording How-Do-I Videos to be released for the “ORCAS” Launch. I’ll be primarly focusing on what’s new for Web Developers. By now you’ve had a peek or seen some previews, maybe even installed it and gotten started yourself. Since I mostly work for you folks –…


Wanna be Microsoft’s face for JavaScript ?

Microsoft makes JScript – our implementation of the ECMA 262 language specification. Browser script programming is “born again” with the popularity of AJAX and RIA style application building. So, Microsoft is looking for someone who can represent us and our work with JScript, our support of it, our standards participation, tools support, etc. You would…


Microsoft Project Code Names ?

Ever wonder what that new project name at Microsoft stands for ? Ever get confused about what something you learned about “turned into” at release time. There is a Wikipedia page !!


Extending the Windows Vista Trial Period

I’ve been building a VPC (Virtual PC Hard Drive) for the Microsoft Developer Evangelists in the field. It’s a Windows Vista Ultimate installation with a reasonably complex collection of PHP demos. When you install Widows Vista you have 30 days before you have to Activate Windows. I built the VPC more than 30 days ago…