Resources for my PHP and ASP.NET Webcast Attendees.

Huge thanks to the some 430 PHP Developers that tuned into my PHP / ASP.NET webcast today !! Below are links to some of the tools that I used or mentioned as well as a collection of great (FREE) training links. Tune in to my webcasts on Tuesday and Wednesday – you can register HERE…

0 ROOTKITThe Online Rootkit Magazine Software Security Articles, Blogs, and Forums. Site founded by Greg Holland – Co-Author of…… Exploiting Software – How to Break Code

0 – Cool Security Anti-Hacking Site


This made me check under my desk :) – You might wanna check your connections every once and a while !


A few links for fellow irreverent tinkerers.

A few links for fellow irreverent tinkerers. Blacklisted 411 2600 The Hacker’s Quarterly DefCon Hacker’s Conference LayerOne Technology Conference InfoAnarchy CryptoMail Binary Revolution Dig Magazine Nuts & Volts Magazine Phrack Magazine The Blank Pages – Mac Hacking Nexus 9 – The Mac Underground UgBoard – Mac Hacking Freak’s Macintosh Archives Social Engineering 101…


Bug tracking Software

As part of the Digital Black Belt Security Webcast Series that I’m  working on I’m building a matrix of bug tracking applications. Do know of any that I missed ? Which should I review first ?