3rd Party Tool – User rights and permissions.

I came across the tool which looks quite interesting. There is a fully functional trial (with NO time limit) that handles up to 4 users. Get it here. http://www.visual-guard.com/ Let me know what you think.


Telerik Webcast available for download.

With nearly 500 attendees at last weeks Live From Redmond webcast on Code-Less Ajax witch Telerik, some of you had audio problems.   The whole webcast is now available for off-line viewing.   You can download load it here: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032333878&culture=en-US&Action=Preview   Just go through the sign up and eventually you get to a link that…


Upcoming AJAX Security Webcasts

I’ve engaged 2 of the best counter-hacker guys I know to present a “Live From Redmond” Webcast series with me on a very HOT TOPIC.   AJAX SECURITY   The series starts NEXT THURSDAY   Here are the links to register for all five in the series.   Live From Redmond: AJAX Security Basics- The…


Cool new Tool (and Guys) from Compuware-NuMega !

The guys from NuMega Labs (which I guess we now have to call Compuware NuMega, but who will always just be NuMega to me !!) descended on my Nashua NH MSDNEvent last week. I always like when some of those guys drop buy. They are bright and pragmatic and always a catalyst for great discussion….


WEBCAST Today: Digital Blackbelt Series- Developer Security Principals and Guidelines

It is important to realize the different types of security attacks you might encounter.  This session will begin by categorizing Attack Types, explaining how they work, what they do, and give a real-world example. Several different profiles of the various types of Mal-Techs will be shown – so you can know exactly who you are…


YOUR INPUT PLEASE: Digital Black Belt – Developing an Intentionally Secure Lifecycle.

So…  My next Digital Black Belt topic is developing an Intentionally Secure Software Development Lifecycle.   I’m struggling! Almost all the time as a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, the core content for the sessions that we present “comes in a can”.   To be honest, when “the can” is one of the product teams readying…


SECURITY- Standard Phishing Attack Example.

It’s called Phishing – I got this one in my MSN.com email account this morning. In a seminar recently a developer asked me for an example of how Phishing works and I thought this was a good typical example – so I’d bog it. NOTICE: Never Click on a Link in an Email unless you’re…


ON-DEMAND: Digital Blackbelt Series: Session #1 The Software Security Crisis

Is now available for viewing on demand. Here : http://msevents.microsoft.com/cui/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?EventID=1032267275&EventCategory=5&culture=en-US&CountryCode=US * This event was Recorded on Friday, February 04, 2005 * MSDN Webcast:Digital Blackbelt Series:The Software Security Crisis: Selling Management on the Need to Invest in Secure Software Development Everyone knows that software security is a problem, a concern, and a challenge – especially software…