YouTube – Microsoft conference call !

If you have ever been on hold waiting for a conference call with Microsoft to begin, then this video will ring bells for you, if not make you laugh out loud. Since I was on campus last week I spent time trying to catch our Dev Leaders Like ScottGu, Shanku, and BradA doing stuff like…


I’m asked: "Can you separate M$ lip service from fact for us? "

I’ve received a great number of emails in response to my “Scoble Gap” post.   The first that has prompted me to white included this question.   “Can you separate M$ lip service from fact for us?  That has to be the toughest part of your future.”   By this I assume the poster is…


Getting Tech Support is like getting a divorce !

Every conversation is excruciatingly painful. You even wanna strangle the people that are on YOUR SIDE. When it’s over you’re left with less than you started with !!!!! I know tech support is a hard job. I know it’s hard to communicate from the other side of the world when my first language is your…


I Now have Bawls in the Morning :)

I don’t smoke, drink (much), I don’t do drugs, but I a AM a caffeine addict.  It’s a productivity enhancemenmt. But, how many cups of coffee can you drink a day. Plus, my bathroom is a couple hudred yards and 2 sets of stairs away   So…. I’ve become an energy drink fan. I usesually…


Free at Last, Free at Last (Or Verizon Wireless You Still Suck, Part FINAL)

Just use a search engine and search for Verizon Wireless Sucks and see what you get. I wrote a blog post few years ago titles “Verizon Wireless You Suck”. Since then I’ve received several HUNDRED email and comments with people sharing similar customer service nightmares with me about Verizon. So… Last week I was in…


When Technology Hurts the Business !

I’ve met the Ektron guys several times at various events and they make a super product (CMS400)  – not to mention have some very cool stuff on their site.   I wanted to take a closer look at the product (ad discuss some other opportunities) so I went to their web site and used the…


Education Priority in the USA ?

Nintendo spent $140 Million in R& D in 2002. The US Government spent less than half that much in research and innovation in education.


What was your longest coding session.

The MSDNEvents folks ( have a survey on their home page hat asks what people’s longest session at the keyboard was. A whopping 28 percent indicated that had spent over 24 hours in front of their computer. 18% said their longest session was less then 10 hours !!!!! (Who do they work for?) Go over…