BOOK: Microsoft AJAX Library Essentials

This is another one of those "Sniper Topics" that I like, again from PAKT Publishing. Microsoft AJAX Library Essentials: Client-side ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Explained: Cristian Darie,Bogdan Brinzarea: BooksISBN: 1847190987ISBN-13: 9781847190987 Approximately 280 pages of drill down on Object Oriented Client Side development in JavaScript using the Microsoft AJAX Client Libraries. Not only does this text…


BOOK: Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls: For .NET 3.5

I frequently am asked to server as a technical reviewer on development books. Time doesn’t permit me to always say yes but I try to make time to agree to do the more interesting titles. This book is one I said yes to. Adam and Joel have done a great job of exposing this detailed…


Free Manning ASP.NET AJAX in Action ??

My buddy Dave over at Encosia has a few free copies to give away. Click HERE for the details.


ASP.NET AJAX in Action – Download Exerpts.

If you’re an ASP.NET Developer – you MUST get this book. It’s simply one of the best Tech Books I’ve read and a GREAT tutorial on MS AJAX. (And forwarded by ScottGu & Bertrand Le Roy no less !) I’ll be publishing sample from the book here over the next several weeks. Down this one…


Book: Designing Forms for MS Office InfoPath and Forms Services 2007

If you work in technology then your probably know that Addison Wesley publishes great books. InfoPath is a very interesting technology, and one that I think is a little under exposed and documented. This book is a definitive source for InfoPath power users and developers. InfoPath is the perfect tool-set for Enterprise developers and power…


BOOK – Murach’s SQL Server 2005 for Developers

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you probably know that I’m a big fan of the Murach’s books and Murach’s SQL Server 2005 for Developers is no exception. If I were teaching a course on SQL for Developers this would be the text book that I’d use. It even comes with an…


BOOK – Raymond Chen’s Old New Thing

Quite some time ago I reviewed a manuscript for Raymond Chen’s new book “The Old New Thing”. Now if you don’t know who Raymond Chen is (which means you’re probably not in software development), he’s been at Microsoft for a really long time and is often the smartest guy in the room. So I got…


BOOK REVIEW – IT Doesn’t Matter

IT Doesn’t Matter. This book is basically a rebuttal to Carr’s argument that Information technology has become a commodity and therefore no longer a distinguishing factor relative to competitive business strategy. The book is an interesting read, and a quick one at 120 pages. The authors contend that the original article, IT doesn’t matter, would…


Book – iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

Book – iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business I loved this book !  I couldn’t put it down. Serially successful entrepreneurs generally share some of the same personality traits. There are HARD driving, magnetic but difficult to work for. Have absolute faith in their genius and little patience…


BOOK REVIEW: JBoss – A Developer’s Notebook

After meeting with Bill Hilf, Director of Microsoft’s Technical Platform Strategy R&D Group, and discussing Microsoft’s recent agreement with JBoss Inc. (read more here), I went on a bit of a Java refresher. (I used to be a Java Developer) After interviewing Jesse Liberty on his Visual C# 2005 Developer’s Notebook, I got turned on…