PDC05 – Preconference – Aaron Skonnard on Web Services with ASP.NET 2.0 and WSE 3.0

PDC05 day -1 ….. Or, PDC 05 Pre Conference day 1. If you’re coming to the PDC05, and you didn’t come to the Pre Conferences, you really missed out. The LA Convention Center – Early in the morning on Pre-Conference Day 1 My Team Mate and Staple Room Mate – Developer Community Champion Russ Fustino…


This Friday – Digital Black Belt Webcast on ADAM

Have you signed up for tomorrows Digital Blackbelt Security Webcast ? Deciphering Active Directory for Applications Mode (ADAM) Click HERE to register.


I’ll be Podcasting from PDC – What’s your interest ????

I’ll be reaching out from PDC….. Posting Audio on www.DevRadio.com Posting Video on www.DevTelevision.com  Will YOU be there ? Look for me and my team wearing shirts with this logo. Can’t make it this year? Tell me who you want to year from and I’ll track them down for you !! Email me your requests…


BOOK REVIEW – Podcasting Solutions

I liked Podcasting – A Do It Yourself Guide because of it’s flavor and enthusiasm. [ Read Review Here ] Since then I’ve been looking for a Podcasting book that was a bit more technical. “Podcasting Solutions” is a step in the right direction – though still not comprehensive. The book is a “Turn Key”…


This weeks Whimpo-Dorko Award Goes to Stuart Cohen and the OSDL.

eWeek magazine reports that at LinuxWorld last month, Microsoft approached the Open Source Development Labs about conducting a jointly funded research study to compare Linux and Windows. In typical mealy Slashdot fashion, OSDL CEO Stuart Cohen whined …. “Microsoft could probably find one negative line on Linux in a 100-page research report that it would…


BOOK Review: Secrets of Podcasting

I’m not sure if the book is really fun of “Secrets”, but at 200 pages for $19.99 it is full of your money’s worth of references and resources. It is a quick guide to all the steps in starting your own podcast, but not very detailed. What was most useful to me, and what I…


Why a lawn tractor is a business expense ?

So I admit it. After my Children, my Wife, and Microsoft, yard work just doesn’t fit into my schedule very oft. Add that to the fact that I pretty much hate doing it and procrastination starts to figure in. Problem: My Wife is very into the “Groomed Yard” thing. When we built the house she…


First Shows Available at www.DevRadio.com

LAUNCHED !!! The first DevRadio.com shows are available for your listening please. **  Inside Out with Best Selling Author, Jesse Liberty **  1–On-1 with Senior Program Manager of the IE 7 team, Dave Massy ** The Weekly News Review – This week with Geoff Snowman I hope you’ll listen and SEND SUGGESTIONS ! Come find…


BOOK Review – Phishing – Cutting the Identity Theft Line

Phishing – Cutting the Identity Theft LineThe first 3rd of this book was a good coverage of Phishing with interesting information on techniques, prevalence, up trend, etc.  After that the book feels like the authors ran out of material and began to scurry between subjects like network address translation, intrusion detection systems, and enterprise incident…


Hacker Browser Trick posted at DevTelevision.com

Check out the little known trick to swipe whatever is on the Windows Clipboard (like a password, etc.) and send it to a hacker or phisher. Check it out at www.DevTelevision.com