Another example of how working at Microsoft ROCKS !!

I just woke up after the closest thing to a nights sleep I’ve had in Months and I confess to being somewhat heavily medicated.   On with the post…..   Microsoft is the #1 Software Company on the planet, and as a result, it’s become fashionable to hate Microsoft in recent years. (I was reminded…


A bit of Security Geek Hero Worship.

I’m in my 40’s and been a developer for 30 years  –  so I’m not prone to hero worship…… But I’m I HUGE geek-fan of Keith Brown. His Security books are on the TOP SHELF of my “arms reach” reference bookshelf and he’s a great presentation speaker. So I have to admit to being a LITTLE tickled to…


Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers

After my Tuesday event I got into a stimulating conversation with a Developer Best Practices Manager from a Major Bank and it got me sort of jazzed thinking about Software Engineering Excelence (I spend most of my time with Developer thses days. Today I got the notice on what looks like an AWESOME book….


Hiahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first session om my Digital Black Belt Developer Webcasts Series !! THIS FRIDAY !!! GET YOUR BLACK BELT ! – Register to win a Personal Digital Media Player. Sign up here : Ask questions here :  


SECURITY – Presenting a FULL DAY at The First Annual Software Security Summit !

I just agreed to give a full day of presentations at The First Annual Software Security Summit  Here is the blurb ….. We know Security is important, but the alarming truth is that most software development processes give only superficial consideration to strong application Application Security. We’ll begin by examining the scope of the problem, who the…


Help from Redmond – I’m sure they didn’t REALLY mean it.

If you lack a sense of humor (that is, a sarcastic, cynical one like mine) please accept my apology for the following rant.   <CareerLimitingSarcasticComplaint>   I’ve been ramping up……..   The support from co-workers for my upcoming Black Belt Web cast Series has been great over-all. I’ve tried to open up communications so…


Please Join me for a Winter MSDN Event in New England !

 January & Febuary New England MSDN Events     WinForms – Produce, Extend, Enhance Are you really using the .NET Framework to the fullest in your Windows Forms applications? This session will enlighten you in several powerful aspects of WinForms development that you may not already know. By using new techniques and best practices, you’ll…