Is this a Visual Studio IQ Test ?

Note that the IIS component list of items to install is EMPTY !!! And, I WAS running as Admin ! The real problem was that a CGI process that I was playing with stopped IIS. Sometimes we gotta laugh at ourselves 🙂


Murach’s ASP.NET Web Programming with VB.NET

Murach’s ASP.NET 3.5 Web Programming with VB 2008: Anne Boehm: BooksISBN: 1890774472ISBN-13: 9781890774479 I love this book. If I were going to teach a course on ASP.NET Development with VB – THIS is the book I would teach it from ! Get a a copy ! Murach’s Description There is no faster or better way…


Peace through Code ?

Meet my friend Armin He’s the handsome your Iranian dude wearing the MSDN Event Would Tour Tee-Shirt shown here at Kandovan in a city called Trabriz. Armin and I have been pen-pals for a couple of years now. We met when Armin emailed me to ask a programming question. Now a senior in High School…


The Importance of Community Driven Events – DevLink – OH WOW !!!

I go to ALOT of developer events. Usually, they are work – meaning I probably wouldn’t go if I were a retired Millionaire. DevLink was AWESOME. It was kind of link that perfect summer back in school when all the right people were in the right place and the right mood and the sun was…


Free Data Structures and Algorithms Book from the Slackers

Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Examples This book written by Granville Barnett and Luca Del Tongo is part of an effort to provide all developers with a core understanding of algorithms that operate on various common, and uncommon data structures. Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Examples is completely free! [ CILICK…


Billy Hollis on Making a good UI with Windows Presentation Foundation

I was chatting with Billy Hollis about how we often use new technology to do the same old thing and how I was seeing lots of folks doing this with WPF and Silverlight. He mentioned that he had done a video in UI Design with WPF. Check it out, its great for WPF and SIlverlight…


Free Edition of Kentico CMS for everyone!

Kentico CMS Free Edition Since the free license for .NET User Groups was very successful, we decided to release a Free Edition of Kentico CMS for everyone! It can be used for both personal and commercial projects. It’s intended for smaller corporate sites, on-line communities and personal sites (it also supports blogging). The Free Edition…


SQL Server files for my Data Access Videos

A couple of folks have emailed me because that haven’t been able to reconstitute the Video Database I’ve been using in the Data Access video tutorials. Here is a .zip file. It contains a .mdf as well as a .sql script and the data exported to an Excel file. Hope it helps.


Free AJAX Data Controls.

The Slackers have been busy ! Check out the Open Source project on CodePlex. Not only is there a controls library and all the source code for the controls but a RICH set of demos that illustrate utilization. I’m now using them in my own projects. Check ’em out !


The flip side of Open Source ?

There is a reason they call me the Misfit Geek 🙂 I’ve been doing PHP work for almost 10 years and I’ve worked at Microsoft for 7 of them. When I talk about Open Source, it’s not form a "religions" perspective. I’m interested in the applications, the people and the business model. A PHP friend,…