Free Silverlight Datagrid from DevExpress


The folks at DevExpress are releasing a FREE DataGrid for Silverlight.

Here are come of the features.....

  • Data Grouping against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
  • Data Sorting against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
  • Comprehensive Summary Computation support against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
  • Column Movement
  • Column Resizing
  • Column Auto-Width
  • Row Editing
  • Row Preview (with animation)
  • Template Support (for cell content, cell editing, row preview and headers)
  • Auto Height Support for cells, headers, and totals.
  • Virtual StackPanel Row Container (simply means we are able to handle an unlimited number of rows)
  • Focused Row and Focused Cell
  • Multi-Row Selection Cell Text Wrapping
  • Vertical/Horizontal Lines
  • Multiple column types/editors

[ Click HERE for more info. ]

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