I’m with the Thirsty Developer

While in Chicago to speak at PHP | Tek, I got to do a Podcast (in a bar) with on of the The Thirsty Developers I hope you will [ CLICK HERE ] and listen !

The Everlasting Question – Should I choose VB.NET of C#

I got an email last night from Eduardo. Eduardo "Love’s VB.NET", but is concerned about his long term career prospects because he keeps hearing about C#. The Pie Chart from the Telerik Survey suggests that C# has surpassed VB.NET as the .NET language of choice. For the record, I don’t think this accurately reflects the…


Microsoft Surface Video

Most people haven’t had a chance to play with Microsoft Surface. It’s one of the coolest technologies in a long time ! [ Click HERE to watch the video. ]

My Secure Development Interview from TechEd 2008

While at TechEd 2008 I got to spend some time in the "Fish Bowl" with Georgeo Pulikkathara. Georgeo interviewed me on Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) and my upcoming Developer Security Activities. Please [ click HERE ] to check out Georgeo’s blog post and [ Click HERE ] to have a listen to the show.


ComponentArt releases Charting 2008.1

ComponentArt releases Charting 2008.1, introducing advanced AJAX interactivity, dual 3D rendering engines, and a wealth of core charting features. Grate for AJAX style data visualization ! Visit the Charting Gallery for live demos.

Tools to block and eradicate SQL injection

Microsoft has released an advisory for the recent SQL Injection attacks which points to several tools that will help identify and block these type of attacks. The goal of this blog post is to help our audience identify the best tool depending on their role (i.e. Web Developers vs IT administrators). Currently, there are three…


Coffee Drinkers Have Slightly Lower Death Rates

Since most of us Geeks are caffeine addicts…… "Coffee consumption has been linked to various beneficial and detrimental health effects, but data on its relation with death were lacking," says Esther Lopez-Garcia, PhD, the study’s lead author. "Coffee consumption was not associated with a higher risk of mortality in middle-aged men and women. The possibility…


DevExpress cleans up with ASPnet Pro Magazine Readers Choice Awards.

This years Reader’s Choice Awards conducted by ASPnet Pro Magazine showed some great appreciation for DevExpress’ recent work. Their awards included….. Product of the Year – DXperience ASP.NET Best Component Set – DXperience ASP.NET Best Grid – ASPxGridView Suite Best Add-In – CodeRush with Refactor! Pro Best Printing/Reporting Tool – XtraReports Suite Best Charting -…


5 Big Security Threats

Baseline Magazine [ Click HERE ] has outlined the 5 Big Security Threats that Anti-virus software and firewalls MISS. 1 Trusted Users and Partners 2 Web Application Vulnerabilities Gartner estimates that 75 percent of today’s attacks are carried out through the application layer. Many of these application attacks are conducted through quickly coded Web applications,…


Build a game, try to win some of $75,000 in prizes.

  Today the XNA Team has launched Dream-Build-Play 2008. In Dream-Build-Play 2008 you can build your dream game to compete with other game developers around the world.  This year’s contest will feature Xbox360 development only and to ensure that everyone has access we will be giving away one free 12-Month XNA Creators Club Trial membership…