Practice Your Japanese on my Blog

Thanks to the awesome folks at Microsoft Japan…. My blog will now be available in Japanese. Thanks to Seiichi Sato for taking the lead !!

Tool to convert your C# to VB and your VB to C#

Some time ago, my buddy Jesse posted about his new favorite utility. As a matter of policy, we record How-Do-I videos while doing the programming in VB and than I have to re-write the sample code in C#. So, automatic code conversion was really interesting to me. So – I got the VB to C#…

TechEd 2008 – My presentations, come say hello !

WUX315 – PHP on Windows: Not an Oxymoron! Session Day/Time: 6/6/2008 10:15AM-11:30AM Room: S230 A Is it a well kept secret? From Microsoft Internet Information Services, to AJAX, to Microsoft .NET, Windows is a viable platform for your existing PHP based applications. In this session, see how to configure PHP on Windows for performance and…

Book: ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX Pocket Guide

ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX Pocket Guide by Matthew Ellis Read more about this book… Ok readers. Check out this little nugget. Matthew Ellis and Magma Interactive just released the ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX Pocket Guide. It contains concise chapters packed with useful info for the ASP.NET AJAX Developer including a Client Side Reference, a Server Side Reference,…

Free Visual Studio Plug-in to Format your Mark-Up !!

Daniel Crenna shared my frustration that Visual Studio drag-n-drop doesn’t always leave our markup nicely formatted. So, he wrote a plug-in to do it for us. Click [ HERE ] to get it for Visual Studio 2008 or 2005 He also offers up the source code so if you want to add some custom formatting…

Intellisense for jQuery

I’m a jQuery Fan ! Lance Fisher has made an update to jQuery for Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008 [ Click here to read about it and download jQuery with the Intellisense updates. ]

Code Snippets from DotNetSackers

The slackers are at it again ! Check out their growing collection of swipe-able code !

.NET 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit

🙂 If this looks familiar, it’s because a prematurely posted about this last week. (And I wasn’t supposed to.) Well, NOW I can tell you WHERE to get it ! Here is the announcement ………. The Visual Studio & .NET Framework evangelism team released a revision of the .NET 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit, updated to…

Announcing: Visual Studio extensions for SharePoint – Developer User Guide

Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of the User Guide, Samples and Walkthroughs for the Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, v1.1. The Visual Studio 2005 extensions for SharePoint were released back in Feb 2008 and an update for Visual Studio 2008 is planned for release in June 2008. The user…

Tutorials at –

Cool Name Huh ? Mustafa Basgun has created a pretty cool info site for ASP.NET Developers Click [ HERE ] to pay him a visit!