The Developer’s Guide to loosing 20 pounds in 8 days !

21042462.thb[1]Nope, this is not an infomercial.

I've been on the road for lots of this spring. For the last two weeks I was in Seattle for the MVP Summit, then in Orlando for Dev Connections, then in Atlantic City for the Microsoft Health and Life Sciences.

I got sick about half way through the 2 weeks. Some sort of intestinal fun, probably a bacterial infection.

It make Dev Connections and the HLS conference interesting.

Have you ever tried to give a presentation while concentrating on not throwing up or having another kind of embarrassing accident ? 🙂

Usually stuff like this lasts for about 24 hours. Today is day 8 of the really "active" part and I'm feeling almost ready to try eating again after a week of Ginger Ale.

I just got on the scale and have lost nearly 20 pounds from last Sunday to this. Yuck !

In any event. I'm expecting to be back on line this week.

3 of my 4 sessions this past week were well received (considering) but the ListView talk was a bomb so I'll be doing How Do I videos of the material.

Since I'm in the office for few days, I'll be cranking out some videos. As always , feel free to send suggestions.

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