JavaScript is Inevitable !

You’ve heard it. JavaScript is not a REAL programming language. Well, it is NOW. Programming in JavaScript is inevitable. And why not. It is ubiquitous. (Supported by all major browsers.) It supports good Object Oriented Development. There is TONS of code out there. There is a rapidly growing collection of rich, high quality JavaScript Frameworks…


Graffiti CMS First Impressions.

I love CMS applications! I’ve played with more than a hundred free and commercial CMSs written in VB, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, you name it ! It’s taken me a while to put Graffiti through it’s paces, but I did so last weekend. Here is a quick list of my first impressions. PROS Install…


Visual Web GUI Webcast Downloads

The PowerPoint Decks and the First Webcast are now available on-demand. Visual WebGui: An Enterprise AJAX application in 20 minutes PPT Deck. View it On-Demand. Visual WebGui: Silverlight for line-of-business application PPT Deck.  Do to a recording error, this webcast is not available on-demand.


Fixing an ASP.NET 2.0 App after upgrading to 3.5

When you first open an ASP.NET 2.0 website in Visual Web Developer / Visual Studio 2008, VS asks you if you want to upgrade the project to 3.5. As some of you who are using Microsoft AJAX and who say YES to upgrade to 3.5 have noticed, when you go to run your newly upgraded…


My AJAX World Downloads – AJAX Security & AJAX Patterns Code and PowerPoints

AJAX World was a great confirmation for me. AJAX, RIA, or whatever term you use to describe this "new" way of building web applications is here to stay. Relative to Microsoft, here are a few of my big take-a-ways. Security matters even MORE than it has to date. Web Development frameworks like ASP.NET that facilitate…


Live from Redmond – Visual WebGUI Webcasts this Thursday & Friday

Please joind me for these 2 webcasts this Thursday and Friday. VWG is a cool FREE set of tools to accelerate your ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight Web Development. Guy Peled, CTO of Visual WebGui is joining me and he will build applications live during the webcats. Click below to register – attendance is FREE !…


Windows Communication Foundation – 65 Links to make you an expert!

Some time ago I posted a list of links to Windows Workflow Foundation Tutorials and since then I’ve been getting an increasing number of requests for a list of links to WCF tutorials. So, here you go!  Sixty Five Videos and Virtual Labs to make you a WCF Expert ! Windows Communication Foundation Top to…


How Scott Guthrie gets so much work done.

I’ve known Scott for almost 10 years but when he hired me a few years ago I had no idea how much work he gets done. Apart from managing the teams that deliver a dozen products for Microsoft, he travels and speaks everywhere, writes these detailed blog posts, and seems to know everything that’s going…


Getting up to speed with ASP.NET 3.5 and the 3.5 Extensions

I get hundreds of email a day from customers. Yesterday I received three email with the same question. Do you have a few good links for getting up to speed with ASP,NET 3.5 So…. Here you go. ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 3.5 Extensions Links THEN ……………………….