SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP Community Technology Preview

    Microsoft announces the CTP release of SQL Server 2005 Drivers for PHP This opens up some very cool possibility for heterogeneous environment developers. My first project ? A PHP Class library to integrate with ASP.NET’s Membership & Profile System. Click HERE to get the SQL Driver CTP Click HERE to get the FREE…


2 New AJAX How-Do-I Videos Released

Here is the latest in my AJAX How-Do-I Video Series Hope you like them ! How Do I: Retrieve Values From Server Side AJAX Controls How Do I: The AJAX Toolkit Reorder Control


Telligent (Rob Howard & Team) Releases Graffiti CMS

Microsoft and Telligent go way back. Rob Howard (the owner of Telligent) wrote the original ASP.NET forums code way back wen he worked at Microsoft with Scott Guthrie.  Telligent makes Community Server, and all of my Team’s web properties (www.asp.net, www.iis.net, www.windowsclient.net, www.silverlight.net) are built on top of Community Server code base. Telligent just released…


New Live-From-Redmond Webcasts with Visual WebGui

    My blog posts on Visual WebGui have generated allot of interest so I thought we’d have a couple of webcasts and dive into the VWG experience. Live from Redmond: March 13th 01:00PM Pacific Visual WebGui – An Enterprise AJAX application in 20 minutes. It is all about simplicity: Simplicity in programming next generation…


New 4 part series of videos on DOWNLOADING with ASP.NET

I’m adding to my How-Do-I Video Series with 4 new videos to help you with a variety of upload scenarios, from simple file uploads to AJAX-style to multiple files. ! Simple File Uploads in ASP.NET Multiple File Uploads in ASP.NET Multiple File Uploads in ASP.NET Revisited File Uploads with an AJAX Style Interface


A Must Have MSDN Reader !

We’re Web Developers…. But there is still a place for rich client apps. recently we published a "Syndicated Client Starter Kit" over on www.WindowsClient.net (my team owns that site too. ) In the showcase for that starter kit there is an AWESOME MSDN Reader application. ITS FREE – Install it ! http://windowsclient.net/wpf/starter-kits/sce.aspx


DOM Manipulation with JQuery

There seems to be allot of interest with ASP.NET Developers doing DOM manipulation with JQuery there days. I’m finding it a very powerful addition to my client side toolbox so I thought I would share some links that might be of interest. JQuery Home Page http://jquery.com/ JQuery Defivition at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JQuery Video: Introduction to JQuery…


Windows Workflow Foundation Tutorial Series

I’ve had a couple of emails recently from ASP.NET developers asking about how to get a jump start on learning Windows Workflow Foundation. So, I dug up this list of links to a seven part Webcast Series on the subject. Have fun ! Intro to Windows Workflow Foundation (Part 1 of 7): Workflow in Windows…


Axosoft – PureChat

Axosoft is a really interesting company and I’ve been using OnTime for a couple of years now. They have just released a Chat Application, Single  User is FREE – Unlimited is on sale for $99 Visitors to your ASP.NET web site are presented with this simple and straightforward chat client. It’s made to be super…


YouTube – Microsoft conference call !

If you have ever been on hold waiting for a conference call with Microsoft to begin, then this video will ring bells for you, if not make you laugh out loud. Since I was on campus last week I spent time trying to catch our Dev Leaders Like ScottGu, Shanku, and BradA doing stuff like…