Maarten Balliauw on ASP.NET load balancing and the ASP.NET state server.

Please check out Maarten Balliauw’s great blog posts on ASP.NET State Partitioning and Load Balancing. ASP.NET Session State Partitioning using State Server Load Balancing ASP.NET Session State Partitioning ASP.NET load balancing and ASP.NET state server (aspnet_state)


Mono – Miguel made me feel bad.

I’m still at the Lang.NET Symposium. I cornered Miguel today to ask him a question about Novell’s Distros. He said "Joe !!, You always &^%-slap me in your blog." I felt bad. My negative opinions about Mono have only been about the IP issues and never about the technology or Miguel. If you don’t know…


The ASP.NET Aggregate RSS Feed – Why YOUR post is missing.

Some of you have noticed 🙂 there are a number of new bloggers on Some are adding great posts of technical value. Others are posting less useful information like letting us know that the overslept today. Thanks to all of you have have emailed me to share your frustrations (ScottGu included.) I’ve been doing…


This week at the Lang.NET Symposium

It’s very hard to attend an event on-campus. Though my job is based in Redmond, I live in New England. Coming in for an event, there are too many people to meet with, friends to bump into, things to catch up on, and regular work to get done (Not to mention the first couple days…

0 – New Blogger Feed Growth

Growing an on-line community is hard. At we spend LOTS of time thinking about how to continue to grow the ASP.NET community and continue to add value. One of the necessary factors in growing an on-line community is to add members and recently we’ve added about 150 bloggers. There have been some mixed reactions…


Northwind for SQLExpress

Some time ago we had Scott Mitchell create THIS GREAT SET OF DATA ACCESS TUTORIALS I’ve had lots of requests to record video versions of Scott’s tutorials. (Scott already did all the hard work 🙂 I thought you all would prefer this I use SQLExpress which does not come with SQL Express. You can get…


SplendidCRM 2.0 Free, Open Source, CRM

The collection of free, and commercial open source applications built with ASP.NET continues to grow. SplendidCRM just released new version. You can modify it using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 and they have downloads with Visual Studio Express projects too !! Click HERE to check it out.


Setting up Live Writer to Blog on

  I’ve added 150 new bloggers to the ASP.NET community since yesterday morning and many folks have asked me how to set up Windows LiverWriter to work with their new blog. First, go to the "Get Live" site and click on the "Get it Free’ button. When you see this dialog – click RUN. Then,…


Keith Brown Teaching Applied .NET Feb 12-15 in NYC

Wanna jump-smart your .NET expertise ? Keith is one of those rare smart guys who can also communicate ! ™ Course: Applied .NET 3.0 with Keith Brown When: February 12-15th, 2008 Where: MicroTek facility Broad St. New York, NY Cost: Special Microsoft Rate – $2,395 (hotel accommodation not included) Register: 781.749.9238 or, Bill Williams…


Wanna Blog on ASP.NET ??

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