You can contribute to the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit


Did you know that there is an open contribution model for submitting new controls in the AJAX Control Toolkit ?

This document provides some guidelines on how you could get your custom ASP.NET AJAX control added to the toolkit and therefore used by developers around the world !

The document also contains pointers on how to submit fixes and feature additions for existing controls.

Contributing to the Toolkit

The AJAX Control Toolkit is a shared source project released under the Microsoft Permissive License and built on top of ASP.NET AJAX. It has a set of over 35 controls, many of which were written by members of the ASP.NET AJAX community. The Toolkit has matured into a stable and feature complete product through work with the community over the past year. We would like to continue our organic growth by defining a process for all Toolkit contributions.
Contributions should add sound value to the Toolkit and serve its customers' needs. Anyone wishing to contribute should be committed to a high quality bar and take responsibility for their code. There are two ways that our users can contribute to the Toolkit: use the Toolkit Patch Utility for bug fixes and new features for existing controls, or become a Toolkit contributor by adding new controls.

If you already have a great control and would like to share it with us or if you would like to write a new control from scratch this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself to write great reusable controls, show-off your technical and design skills, get plenty of visibility, learn more about Shared Source at Microsoft.

If your control goes into the AJAX Control Toolkit - email me, I'll do a video about it !

Comments (1)

  1. Andrew Frederick says:


    Perhaps you can shed some light on this.  After reading your blog, I became very interested in contributing an AJAX control extender I wrote.  However, if you visit CodePlex (, right under "Interested in contributing?" it states:

    "Note: Currently we are not accepting applications for new controls."

    Has something changed since you published your blog entry?  Thanks!

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