Why are the How-Do-I Videos in Visual Basic ?

I get asked this question ALLOT !

Actually, the question usually comes wrapped in explicatives, or phrased less as a question and more as a command.

We actually do the recordings in VB for a few reasons.

1.) There are more VB programmers than C# developers (though the gap is narrowing.)

If we did them all in C#, I’d get even more email !

2.) VB is easier to read and understand.

We always provide the source code in BOTH VB & C# for your convenience.

Visual Basic is more verbose, so, though it may make C# purists a bit queasy, it should be easily understood by than. C# is more terse, therefore, perhaps a bit more difficult to understand (especially by folks who don’t program in it.)

3.) If we took time to record each video twice (once in C# and once in VB) we could only do half as many.

Comments (3)

  1. VB User says:

    Keep up the good VB work.  I thought C# users were intelligent enough to read VB code but I could be wrong!! LOL

  2. @ Head says:

    Paul Vick released some statistics in relation to VB , which for discussion sake I'll repeat here

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