Getting Ready for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5


Over the next few weeks I’ll be heads down recording How-Do-I Videos to be released for the “ORCAS” Launch.

I’ll be primarly focusing on what’s new for Web Developers.

By now you’ve had a peek or seen some previews, maybe even installed it and gotten started yourself.

Since I mostly work for you folks – please tell me what VS2008 NEW features your interested in having me do videos on.

Fill in the blank……

How-Do-I [xxxxxxxxxxx] in Visual Studio 2008 ?

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  1. twoelfer says:


    i’m not very much intrested in _new_ features – i’m a lot more intrested in "old" features; e.g.: do they actually work in vs 2008? is the debugger still dying during debug sessions all the time? is intellisense/intellitype actually working in c++ projects? have the race conditions in the build tools been removed?

    i don’t understand why you guys keep adding "new" stuff to vs, when the "old" stuff doesn’t work ok in the first place.

    (pls. note: i’m not saying vs 2005 isn’t working at all – i do work with it every day, and i enjoy it most of the time. however, it certainly isn’t working as smooth as it should.)


    -thomas woelfer

  2. As a senior "junior" in dotNET coming from an AS/400 text-based IDE, all things VS2005 are great and light-years ahead of IBM’s one-size-fits-all (ir)Rational strategy.  I’m looking forward to working with VS2008.

    I’m interested in practical uses of master pages and VS2008 design tools for LOB applications (order entry, receivables, etc.).  Providing an explanation of how other Microsoft tools (Expression, etc.) coordinate with VS2008 would be useful, as would comments on how to coordinate UI design and UI coding activities.



  3. Dan Stewart says:

    I would like to see mash-up examples such as connecting to Windows Live services using VS2008.

  4. Here is probably good idea since applies to most developers in the world !!!

    make a video of

    How to make a 3-tier biz application using the new Microsoft ORM Engine and LinQ, without writing a single line of SQL.

    I know the title is long, but I REALLY would like to see a video of a biz scenario, and showing the stpes to creating the DOMAIN (DTO’s), DLL, BLL and presentaion using the new ORM and LINQ support in vs2008.

    why don’t you make a poll and let the audience decide?

  5. Hi,

    I agree with Jose: a 3-tier application with the latest stuff would be great.

    If you want you could also show some video material about debugging javascript, javascript intellisense, inserting Silverlight, using WCF for communication with AJAX, …

    Grz, Kris.

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