Giving T-Mobile and Windows Mobile 6 a Try.

After 10 years with Verizon Wireless I’ve changed cell phone providers to T-Mobile.

My experience in the store was great. They guys were friendly and really interested in providing good service.

I selected these 2 devices. The T-Mobile Wing as a PDA/Phone and a Wireless Broad-Band card the Sony Ericsson GC89.

TMobileWing     SonyEricsonGC89

The Wing was a snap to set up and so far I LOVE IT !

While the reviews complained that it was a bit slow, I don’t think it’s bad at all. It’s faster than both the Palm Treo 700w and the VZ6700 that I had with Verizon and the device along with Windows Mobile 6 has lots of great little features.

The GC38 was a bit troublesome to set up on Widows Vista, but it’s too early to hold that against it.

While I was i at it I picked up 2 accessories.

1st – a Plantronics Blue-tooth Explorer 330


Plantronics just makes GREAT Stuff, and this is no exception.

I’ve tried 6 or 8 Blue-tooth ear pieces in the past and hated them all. Either they didn’t stay in (or on), or they gave me a headache.

This one ROCKS ! 

It stays in, it sounds great, is easy to use and I can wear it all day and not be bothered by it. (And it lasts that long on a single charge).

I highly recommend it !!

Next, the MOTOROKR™ S9


This thing ROCKS !!!

Great sounding Blue-Tooth Stereo Headphones – WIRELESS FREEDOM !

Coupled with the Wing via Blue tooth the sound is as good as my Zune or my iPod and with the included 1gig Micro SD card and Windows Media Player from Windows Mobile 6 – I’m Rockin’

It even sounds great on the Motorcycle.

All in all – a great start to my new mobile experience.


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  1. Hey Joe, I’m with T-Mobile and I have the Dash (smaller smartphone but WM 6). I talked my neighbor into the Wing and his only complaint was the batter life (after he got Sidekick syndrome out of his blood). 😀

    I wish the network/Internet was faster but I can live with it since I’m 80% at my computer/wifi anyway. Hopefully have a great experience with the device/carrier as well.

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