Would you like to Blog with Scott Guthrie ??

ScottGuWanna Blog with Scott ?????

We’re going to start adding blogs from developers like YOU to http://weblogs.asp.net

I’m going to pick 1 or 2 folks each week and get them set up with a new blog on the ASP.NET web site.

http://blogs.asp.net/YOURNAMEHERE !!!!

If you blog regularly about ASP.NET (or are ready to start), and would like to move your blog, or start your blog on weblogs.asp.net – use the contact form on this blog [Or Click Here] and introduce yourself.

Since I’m going to do this a few at a time, I(‘ll be building a list.

Priority will be given to “Inflewentials” (RD’s, MVP’s, Insiders, Existing Bloggers), but all are welcome to submit !!!!

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