What’s the best free Multi-Blogging Engine for ASP.NET

I want to build a community on ASP.NET technology and I need a multi blogging engine.

What are my options.

Community Server IS NOT FREE !

There is NO free version of community server for public facing community sites with moire than 10 blogs.

Please suggest away.

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  1. Subtext is a personal blog publishing platform that focuses on usability, elegance, and simplicity. If you’ve ever caught yourself throwing your hands in the air and declaring that you’re going to write your own blogging engine, then Subtext is for you.


  2. I had the same questions.  I’ve heard good things about dasBlog and SubText.  Those are the only two that I know about.  However, I ended up making the build/buy decision and bought a license of Community Server before they did their latest release.

  3. Greg Wilson says:

    Sharepoint 3.0 supports multiple blogs and is relatively free (still need to have a W2K3 Server licence)

  4. barryd says:

    Subtext. geekswithblogs just migrated developers.ie is checking it out as well, those are both quite large multiple blog sites. well, for a little opensource project anyway.

    And frankly the main team are stuff damned geeky. *grin*


  5. Buddy Lindsey says:

    The guy over at .NET Slave


    is building a blog engine in asp.net from scratch and has a ton of features already.  It is going to be free and open source.  It is currently hosted on CodePlex


    I am sure it wouldn’t take much work to have the ability to host multiple blogs off of it sinc the main infrastrcture is done.  Also, he has a provider model built and ready to use in case you want to use a Database instead of xml files.

  6. brandontyler says:

    I am sure Rob Howard will hook you up!  If you are .Net they have a .Net community license and they give you more blogs.  But if your site is not .Net  related then you have to look elsewhere.  CS is sooo awesome!

  7. Clint Rutkas says:

    Subtext. It’s a cleaned up fork of .Text, open source (in a good way). The docs are a little light on hosting multiple blogs, but I know I’ve done it in the past.

    As for the alternatives:

     – DasBlog: file-based, and at least the last time I looked, tends to bog the server down with multiple popular blogs

     – SingleUserBlog: well, see the name.

     – Sharepoint: Might work, does lack a few of the niceties people expect.

  8. Hi Joe,

    Therea are free commerical versions available for .NET related sites. If you are interested, ping me at scottw@telligent.com and we can work something out.



  9. Greg Wilson says:

    Why not just use Sharepoint 3.0 and it’s blogging features?  It is free if you are already using W2K3 Server.  I know the blogging requires a few minor permissions tweaks to run on an Internet site without requiring authentication for viewers, but it is a fairly decent free product.

  10. [SW] = Samples Web Site . Esta Aplicación Web, es Open Source, y la podemos descargar de codeplex . Algunos

  11. [SW] = Samples Web Site . Esta Aplicación Web, es Open Source, y la podemos descargar de codeplex . Algunos

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