Can you suggest a 3rd party video library ?

I need a VB and C# callable library that I can use to take .wmv files and create different AV formats of the same video.

I want to save as :

.wmv (different resolution for Zune)

.mp4 (iPod Video and PSP)

Flash Video

.mp3 (Audio Only)

.wma (Audio Only)

And perhaps .mpeg, .mov and .avi

I’ve found one such library but I’m wondering if there is something better.

All suggestions welcome. Just use the comment box or email Joe.Stagner [at] Microsoft [dot] com


Comments (2)

  1. Why not use WPF?

    The flash is only thing I see which I know it doesn’t do natively. And the mp4 I am not sure about, the rest are all supported natively AFAIR

  2. Could you try using the Windows Media Encoder SDK libraries?

    Example codeproject article:

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