REALLY Inexpensive ASP.NET Web Hosting

One of the cool things about my job is that I get to make friends all over the world.

I met Ruchir when he emailed me as a student looking for inexpensive hosting.

Well, Ruchir had allot of trouble finding what he was looking for and has remembered that experience – so he’s started a small hosting company with really reasonable hosting offers.

ASP.NET Hosting starts at $10.99 a YEAR !

Check it out here:

Comments (5)

  1. o3APA3A says:


    Do you know anybody who started a WSS 3.0 hosting company? I cannot find any reasonable WSS 3.0 hosting…

  2. Ed says:

    This idea of cheap combo hosting is a good one, I have both PHP and .NET projects. However, what I’d love to know is whether the server uses FastCGI. Also, the cost goes up substantially if you want an MS-SQL server database (hosting is 10.99 a year, 1 year of SQL server is $150, more than an order of magnatude more expensive)

  3. softsys says:

    Thank you Joe. I was looking for some cheap hosting for some of my project websites. You made my day with this!

  4. Ruchir says:

    Hello Joe,

    Thank you very much for putting up the information . I used to wonder why was web-hosting(especially windows) so costly when I was a student and so I hope, this will definitely pass the word to many people who wish to host their website but are refrained due to high prices.

    Thanks again! Cheers..


  5. Robert Mayer says:

    If you’re not needing MS-SQL, these are some incredibly low prices.  But, I’m guessing this is a new operation without much of a track record.  There are gazillions of web hosts out there, some good, some bad.  Having some positive customer testimonies would be a big help.

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