Vista Hates Me !

I wanna like Windows Vista, really I do.

But, like a loud child, I have to WORK at liking it.

After finally turning off all the redundant Security Dialogs….

  1. – Do you wanna do this ?
  2. – Are you SURE you wanna do this ?
  3. – It might be dangerous, are you really really sure ?

I’m settling down to really work on Vista and I’m finding lots to complain about.

Today’s complaint is this.

I downloaded and installed the AJAX Control Toolkit and tried to open up the Toolkit Solution and I get this.


Well, it turns out that the files contained in the Zip file are not trusted because they came from the internet.

So I can do this….


I can “Unblock”.

My problem is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to do it at the directory level, so I have to do it for each of thousands of files.

I know that I’m old and crotchety, and I( understand that these security enhancements are for users that need the security assistance.

I want the Windows Vista Features.

I also want6 w Wizard that I can run that tells Vista _ TRUST EVERYTHING I DO AND DON’T EVER ASK ME AGAIN !!!!!

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  1. Sean.McLellan says:

    Woah. Calm down Joe. Vista isn’t for you, it’s for your grandma, but here’s how you can get it to work for you better.


    Control PanelUser AccountsUser Accounts

    Turn User Access Control Off.

    2) Is actually not Vista-Centric, it exists in Windows XP and is a function of IE.

  2. Evert says:

    Switch to a secure operating system and you wouldn’t need to do these nasty tasks..

  3. BYoung says:

    After being repeatadly bitten by this "feature" many many times, I finally tracked down the solution to this.

    run gpedit.msc

    Goto: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager

    Enable: Do not preserve zone information in file attachments

    I don’t know what else this setting affects, but it does stop the "Unblock" button from ever being seen again.

    Also, I think this feature was introduced with WinXP SP2.

  4. dmurillo says:

    You could unblock the zip file before extracting it’s content, I always do that when I download code in ZIP format.

    Hope this helps!

    I like Vista!

  5. Tim says:

    I /think/ that if you just unblock the zip file first, the files you extract from it will be unblocked.

    This is actually the same on XP (in terms of the Unblock button) but maybe Visual Studio on Vista doesn’t want to open them more than Visual Studio on XP doesn’t want to.?

  6. Lionel says:

    If you unblock the zip and re-extract the files, it works fine.

  7. Cox, Ken says:

    Hey Joe,

    Nice post, and the reason why many of us have put off moving to Vista.

    Microsoft should give us a Vista Developer SKU that comes pre-configured to run development environments without questioning every keystroke.

    Hmmm… maybe someone will write a configuration script that will set up an existing Vista SKU that way?

  8. John Walker says:


    I’ve watched you on DNR TV, so I know you’re the guy, but are you running VS as Admin? Ya know, right-click the VS icon and choose "Run as Admin?" Also, do you have the VS Vista SP installed?

  9. Simon says:

    Hi Joe,

    I don’t work at MS so there might be a better way of doing this but effectively the property is stored as an INI file in an alternative NTFS stream.  (Try start, run, notepad

    If you want to nuke a whole directory then fire up command prompt and run the following:

    for %f in (*.*) do @echo>%f:Zone.Identifier

    This will loop through the contents of the current directory (use cd to change it) then echo nothing to the ntfs stream where the setting is stored.

    On a related note though, are you sure that a wizard that makes the operating system trust everything you do is a good idea?

    What about delete operations?  How many times have you accidentally clicked delete.  Should the wizard automatically permanently delete and never store in the recycle bin too?

    What about if you open an e-mail which automatically (look ma’, no hands!!) runs a program due to some flaw in that e-mail client.  Before you would have been prompted by a different layer of the OS (either when it tried to do something or depending on if it was saved by IE) – now you would get no warning.  

    Plus lets face it, the user isn’t always asking the system to do the right thing for what they want in the end.

  10. Gerard van der Land says:

    You can prevent this from happening by either:

    – unblocking the ZIP file before extracting files

    – not using the built-in ZIP extraction in Windows, but a program such as WinZip

    It is also possible to unblock files (which is nothing more than removing the "Zone.Identifier" Alternate Data Stream  from a file) using the "ZoneStripper" utility:


  11. Maria De Jesus says:

    Vista is really a complicated platform to work on, I’ve had so many issues with it also expecially on that UAC…that sometimes I just wanna throw out my computer

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