Free Manning ASP.NET AJAX in Action ??

My buddy Dave over at Encosia has a few free copies to give away. Click HERE for the details.


Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 RELEASED !

It’s HERE ! And we did TONS of videos to show you all the cool new stuff (I did 8 myself!)



FastCGI for IIS has launched. This is HUGE for developers in heterogeneous environments and developers that "get" the power of ASP.NET but also want to leverage the great PHP applications that are available out there. · FastCGI is a free download and you can get it at · FastCGI allows IIS to reuse CGI…


Hire Andrew !

Do you know this guy ? Hire him. His name is Andrew Stopford. I met him years ago after reading a book he wrote. And we’ve stayed in touch. He’s been to Redmond for some of the "private" events we’ve had. Anyway, changes at his company (outsourcing or something) have made him AVAILABLE. He’s in…


ASP.NET Applications and User Interface Design Aesthetics

I’m "aesthetically challenged" ! Doing good "look and feel" work doesn’t come natural to me, and I want to change that. For both the demo applications that I will be using in 2008’s webcasts and videos, as well as for my "pet projects", I want to build great LOOKING web applications (as well as great…


You can contribute to the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

Did you know that there is an open contribution model for submitting new controls in the AJAX Control Toolkit ? This document provides some guidelines on how you could get your custom ASP.NET AJAX control added to the toolkit and therefore used by developers around the world ! The document also contains pointers on how…


Is Microsoft Committed to AJAX ?

I got this recently in an email from a developer friend.   “Is Microsoft committed to Ajax? If so, why is development so slow? (Yeah I know, Silverlight, that means nothing until it is at least version 2 and wide spread.) I am seriously disappointed, and I think others are too. After the 1.0 excitement,…


CAPTCHA Kinda Spam Prevention in ASP.NET

Spammers really bug me. I’ve been working on this on-going sports related portal project (that probably will NEVER go live 🙂 I love of hobby community sites degrade quickly because they lack the moderation resources to keep the user submitted content quality high and I’ve been thinking about this problem. I thought I would share…


Visual WebGui – Windows Forms for Web Applications ?

HTML make you queasy ? I’ve been playing with Visual WebGui, which is, from my humble perspective, Windows Forms for Web Applications. The development experience is exactly Windows Forms. Download it yourself, it’s free and Open Source. I’m toying with using it as the interface to a large web based media aggregator. Send me…