I will tatoo POWERED BY -your brand name – ACROSS MY CHEST !


Doesn’t anybody offer great Laptops AND great service ??????

In my old role at Microsoft they FORCED me to use HP Laptops. I’m not a big HP fan so when I joined my new team I ordered the only other dual core machines available at the time.

Toshiba M5s.

I like them (except than getting Vista fully enabled is still a pain.)

So today I set forth on an expedition to buy second hard drives for them. I wanted the 7200 RPM drives because I use them for customer demos and VPCs.

HOURS later, after being passed between SIX different Toshiba facilities here I sit on hold (for 20 minutes or so) while the customer service rep trys to figure out what parts they put in my laptops in the first place.

Final answer – they apparently have no idea what parts they put in these things and don’t seem to have much interest in selling additional components.

So if anyone wants to hook me up with a couple of good, fast laptops – I’ll tattoo “POWERED BY YOU” on myself and flash your brand a very event I speak at for the next two years !!!!!!!!


Comments (5)

  1. Yex says:

    You might consider taking a look at Alienware. They’re a bit pricy, but I’ve had outstanding success with both their quality and their technical support (if/when its needed, which has been rare).

  2. Jin Chow Wow says:

    Will your chest be visible at all these events ?

    [Joe’s Reply] Absolutly – I’ll rip open my shirt at intervals during each session 🙂 ]

  3. will says:

    Also consider MachL http://www.l-computer.com, again pricey but performance and support is second to none.

  4. Sergio says:

    Go IBM. You’ll never look back 😉

    Joe Said: Yea, I know. I had an X41 ThinkPad for a while ad I LOVED it. I was depressed when the Tablet team made me give it back.

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