My PHP IDE of Choice - or - paying for a FREE IDE.


I recently purchased a copy of Michael Pham’s new 2007 release of his awesome Developers IDE / Editor.

Why pay for it, it’s free isn’t it ?

Not really.

PHP Designer 2005 was free.

PHP Designer 2006 was Beta (and free).

PHP Designer 2007 comes in 2 version. A free “Personal” edition for non-commercial use and a Professional edition (FOR commercial use.)

I would have paid the $69 for the pro edition even if it was optional. It’s just a great editor. I use it for PHP, Python, Perl, even Ruby.

Michael has clearly spent LOTS of time on this editor and for $69 bucks its a great value, hopefully it will sell well enough that we will continue to build it and other dev tools.

My one big complaint??

It’s too popular. The interest has been so great that download requests have taxed MPSoftware’s download servers.

Over 9000 people got the 2007 release of PHP Designer in the first 36 hours.

You can get your copy HERE –


Comments (3)

  1. Keith Elder says:

    I'm curious.  What do you think they built it in?  .Net 2.0?  Crack open some DLL's with Reflector and see what's under the hood when you have time.

  2. Sutto says:

    Keith; Im pretty sure they wrote it in Delphi based off of the 2006 release.

    Joe Said: Actually, it is written in Delphi, but version 6. (I guess I need to get him a copy of Visual Studio 2005 !)

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