Yesterday’s Live From Redmond Webcast.

Thanks to everyone who attended my Live From Redmond Webcast yesterday – A Developer’s Introduction to Microsoft Atlas.

I really appreciated the enthusiasm and all the great questions.

Here is a link to the materials (PowerPoint and Demo Code)

Hope you’ll tune in next Friday when I’ll be talking about using RSS in ASP.NET

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  1. I really enjoyed your presentation and was impressed by some of things you showed. However one thing concerns me is that Microsoft is not moving fast enough in the "rich client" development. Atlas encourages a architecture where there is a lot of server side communication and even if it is lightwieight it is still overhead on the server. I like a rich client that minimizes any server communication till the user wants the page state persisted (of course there are intermediate stages here where Ajax comes in). I wonder if u are aware of platforms like OpenLazlo ( or Flex from Adobe as they are very impressive. The server controls in ASp.NEt are weak client side and on my last project we licensed the Telrik control set which were an improvement but still nothing like the 2 projects are doing client side.

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