Jello now ILLEGAL on Airplanes.

Maybe it’s time for REAL security experts to get involved with the TSA.

Read this list travel/prohibited/new-items.shtm

On and Off for 25 years I’ve worked part time in the Security field, and while that doesn’t make me the nations pereminant expert, it does give me an experiencial reference.

This new list includes things like:

Whipped cream
Eye Drops

I can’t help but feel that we could be spending time and money more effectively then worrying about people eating Yogurt on planes.

Comments (9)

  1. lynn says:

    Eventually we’ll all have to fly naked.

  2. Charu Tevari says:

    Maybe there’s something to it- the jello could be ALIVE!

    About 40 yr ago when science and law first tried to define death, brain death was defined as the lack of EEG activity. Then someone came up with a supersensitive microphone that was supposed to detect brain activity and various states defined signals on the microphone as the legal criterion for brain death. It turned out that this ‘brain activity’ could also be detected in jello molds- green jello  seemed to show the highest levels.

  3. Lauren Smith says:

    MFing Jello on a MFing Plane!!!

    Actually, I said approximately the same thing on my own blog. This is just stupid. Really really stupid.

  4. mcgurk says:

    Um, I think they’re not so concerned with people eating jello as they are with muslim extremists packing jelled explosives in jello packaging.  But maybe its me who’s the crazy one.  I dunno.

  5. JoeStagner says:

    Duh. But as anyone with military expereicne or inprovised weapons trainging can tell you, all you have to do is look around an averge commercial jet and you can see dozens of things that can be easily converted to lethal weapons.

    Seems like EVEN A TSA AGENT could tell the difference between Jello and pryogel 🙂

  6. Sorry, I think that the correct URL is:

    You have "air travel" with an space between "air" and "travel".

    I hope that helps.

  7. Sally Sue says:

    I like Jell-o.  Its good.  My favorite is red (cherry)  jell-o.   I think jello should be allowed on planes. Lots off people like Jello. Jello is jiggly and wiggly.

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