Customer Bozos and THANKS to the Good Guys !

ClownLast week we but a form up on so that folks could send requests for How-Do-I video topics. Today I recieved the folowing thoughtful feedback from a values customer.

"Make new versions of all the videos without the ridiculous, yet highly annoying mouse click sounds... :-(((."

To whoever the anonymous poster of that comment was, I reply….

Dear Sir,

Than’s for your thoughtfull feedback. Unfortunatly, I find it necesaary to use the mouse during the presentations, I will however begin trainer is the secret art of “stealth mousing”.  

To the hundreds of other folks who have taken the time to send meaningful suggestions and feedback.


I’m glad that you find the videos valuable and that you are liking Atlas.

I’ll be blogging about the suggestions. Please keep them coming.


Comments (1)

  1. Cox, Ken says:

    Hey Joe,

    The videos are great. Looking forward to more.

    Are you recording with Camtasia from TechSmith? Was the bozo referring to the keyboard and mouse sounds that Camtasia Studio adds (an optional sound) or the ambient sound of your typing and clicking (as you say, hard to avoid)?

    Joe’s Reply: Thanks!  No, he’s just complaining about the ambient noise. When you turn on key and mouse sounds in Camtasia it is LOUD. The part I was funny is that he wanted me to re-do them all. Some people 🙂

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