BOOK – Murach’s C# 2005


I read A LOT of developer books. Many I like, many I loath.

If I were going to teach a course on C#, I would probably choose Murach’s C# 2005 as the textbook.  

Unlike most technical books, this book is writing as a training resource. So while it makes a great “textbook”, it’s a “How Do I” focused learning resource.

But UNLIKE a lot of textbooks, it is easy to read (and therefore learn from), it’s up-to-date, including detailed coverage of the latest C# 2.0 language constructs, and it has a commercial programming feel so it’s goal is not simply to provide academic coverage of the programming language, but rather how to write good code with C# 

Wanna learn C# ? Wanna learn more about C#? Want a great desk reference for C#?

Buying this book should be a no-brainer !

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