My first Official How Do I Video

Last night I finished my first ATLAS “How Do I Video”.


It took three rounds of feedback from Simon and Scott and about a hundred “takes”.


Usually, when your boss(s) want you to redo something it’s a pain in the ass, and it’s usefully for pitiful reasons.


In this case I’ve had two really good learning experiences at the same time.


The quality standard working in the product group is higher than that which was required in my previous roles in marketing. This makes sense. As a Developer Evangelist your role is to edify and, at some level persuade your audience.


Minor omissions or inaccuracies primarily go unnoticed and the management in those roles are largely non-technical so your success criteria is primarily based on non-technical metrics.


It’s different when you represent a product team, which is the way I see my role. I represent my product teams to the developing public, and I represent Microsoft’s development customers to my product teams.


In this light, when I post a screen cast or article on (which at the same time could go on Chanell9, a hundred blogs,, etc.) instead of having a thousand people read or watch, I could have a MILLION. WOW !


Add to that, when you’ve got a Technical Market Guru like SimonMu and an Uber Tech like ScottGu reviewing your work… well the bar is pretty high.




Most guys in the mid 40’s are on coast. I’m challenged again and learning a ton.


I’m getting feedback that is correct (as opposed to just opinion) and comes with context and explanation.


Next, I’m technically learning a TON.


Sitting on the product team puts me inside communication that is as technically detailed as possible. Product Specs, Test plans, Feature Discussions, long term synergy, etc.


For the past several weeks I’ve been pouring over Microsoft ATLAS.


My early knee-jerk reaction to Atlas was that it was Microsoft implementation of AJAX.


It is, but it’s so much more.


Atlas is an enabling technology for Ajax style development.


But is also adds rich client side infrastructure for the developer. JavaScript proxy generation for XML Web Services, Code-LESS Ajax style content updates, Server Side Implementation for Client Side Controls, and MUCH MUCH more.


So, my plan is to average two How Do I videos on ATLAS topics be week for the next several months.


I hope you’ll keep your eyes on or subscribe to my blog RSS feed at or


The first one should appear for viewing in the next few days. I’ll post a blog entry when each new video is posted.


Comments (5)

  1. SBC says:

    Hey Joe-

    Congratulations on your first video! Hope you get to do a lot more! Gotta admit that blog posting title had me surprised a bit… 😉


  2. Hi Joe – look forward to seeing this as i want to see more about how people expect to use Atlas/Ajax. Been using Xml/JS/XMLDOM since ’99 for client UI updates and my worry is that people start using it for client business rules and calculations which are "changed" at the front end, but transactionally, not committed at the server. You got an opinion on that?! 🙂 – i’ve seen it done, the browser dies, or session times out and and the user says "hey, where did my data go?".

    btw – you may want to add your "how to" Video reference here : – was set up for exactly this kind of thing.

  3. Tim Heuer says:

    when will it be released?

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