Starting to make HOW DO I videos !

This week will be busy, I have to finish the MSDN Magazine Article, Set up a machine to do the full day Secure .NET Coding course at the Software Security Summit, Write the “What’s In Your Security Toolbox” talk for the same event, and set up a machine for my PHP On Windows / PHP / COM / .NET Interop talk and demos for NY PHP CON.


But, I really want to get started on “How-Do-I” videos.


So I’d like YOU to pick topics These videos are tutorial in nature and can be anything that is ASP.NET 2.0 related including all the web released technology that is part of the extended ASP.NET 2.0 platform like ATLAS.


Things Like:


  1. How do I Secure My Database Connection String?
  2. How do I use ATLAS to update part of my web page every 30 seconds?
  3. How do I use RSS to publish links to Scott Guthrie’s Blog on my home page?
  4. How do I override the ASP.NET text control to add my own filters?


My goal is to do 100 of these in the next 12 months.


So – You PLEASE post a comment to this blog entry and filling the blank for the session(s) that you would be interesting in seeing on


HOW DO I …. (fill in the blank) ?


Many thanks in advance !!!

Comments (3)

  1. william langbein says:

    how do I secure my connection string


    how do I use atlas reasonably effectively

  2. Dave Moyle says:

    How about covering some of the subjects in here:

    As a member of our architecture team, we are running lunch time training for our dev team.

    A lot of these guys don’t either have the time or motivation to read these sorts of guides. So being able to deliver the content via a short ‘How To’ webcast will allow us to make sure that they are at least aware of these new features.

  3. I like the "secure my connection string"

    How about – "Ways to implement Atlas/Ajax in a web page that you might not have thought about"  I constantly feel there is something cool I could be doing with Atlas, but I’m stuck in an old school rut.

    Easy steps to building custom ASP.NET web components… aggregating datagrids with checkboxes or radio buttons?

    Just a couple off the top of my head.

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