Moving Files – Help me write an article for MSDN Magazine.

A few years ago I met Stephen Toub on the Developer Conference circuit. Stephen is one of those smart, young, fun guys that every your person admires. He lives in New Your City and is a technical lead for MSDN Magazine. A prolific writer, he has also written 30 articles for

He also wrote a very cool Tablet / Windows XP game that I use in my “Developing for the Tablet PC” talk, so he is a “REAL” developer.

Stephen has a slot for an article who’s topic is “Moving Files: Uploading and down loading with .NET”.

Since my new role in the Web Tools and Platform Group is all about ASP.NET Developer Community…..  I’d like to solicit your thoughts and suggestions for the articles.

I’m going to be doing allot of writing this year and if I asking for input is fruitful, I will do this regularly. I’ll also give public credit to those to participate.

So, if you have thoughts, topics I should include, usage scenarios I should cover, etc., just click on the EMAIL link and send me your thought. THANKS !

Comments (2)

  1. Rezand says:

    I’d like to see how you might integrate with Amazon’s S3 service:

    Optionally I’d like to see you explain the makings of a simple machine back-up utility that uses S3 (or another similar service) for off-line storage and restoration.

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