So what about WindowsXP on an Apple Mac?

I've been getting allot of questions about what I think about WindowsXP running on the new Intel Powered Macs.

I hope it works!

I've owned LOTS of laptops in my life, and I can't say that I really LOVED any of them.

I used to use Dell, but they were VERY heavy, (though I still have a couple old one and the're still chug away.

I've had a BUNCH of HPs and owning lots of HP hardware has done NOTHING to make me a fan of HP. I had an NX6110 that died twice, I have an NC8000 which has been replaced twice and had a number of problems.

I've had a couple of IBM Thinkpads. IBM makes good hardware but EXPENSIVE and not cutting edge as far as speed goes. (I currently have a n IBM Tablet on loan from the Tablet Product Group and it ROCKS !!!)

I've had 2 Gateways and was reasonably happy with both laptops. ( I have a Gateway Media Center PC which is awesome.)

I have owned 4 Toshiba's and currently have an M55 - which is my favorite Laptop to date. (My only complaint is that the screen, while a BEAUTIFUL display, is not super high resolution.)

Over than past year I've been to a number of PHP events and have looked with envy at the Apple Powerbooks.

They look SLICK and people seem to love them.

My questions are....

  •  Will there be drivers.
  • Will there be a "Right Mouse" solution
  • Will Apple or Microsoft Support Windows on the Mac
  • Will Apple OEM Windows.
  • Will there be any software compatibilities.

The new Dual Core PowerBooks start at about $2400 so until there is evidence that WindowsXP is viable for daily use on a Mac, it's still a bit of a luxury.....

But, I could tell my wife it's WORK RELATED. 🙂


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  1. gclassy says:

    Why not get a powerbook that’s preloaded with XP?


    In terms of mousing, you can use a USB mouse for more buttons, drivers exist, I’d imagine Apple expects MS to support XP, and the day Apple ships hardware that runs XP is the day that hell freezes over.  But we can dream, right?

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