Book – iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

Book - iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

I loved this book !  I couldn't put it down.

Serially successful entrepreneurs generally share some of the same personality traits.

There are HARD driving, magnetic but difficult to work for. Have absolute faith in their genius and little patience for the intellectually average. IF this UNAUTHORIZED biography is an accurate reflection of Steve Jobs, then he is all of these things.

He is also one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our generation.

  • He started apple (and thereby gave birth to the PC Industry) and drove Steve Wozniak and other technical wizards to produce the Apple I & II and the Mac.
  • After leaving Apple he built NeXT, which while not wildly successful from a financial perspective, developed some revolutionary technology that has valuable enough for Apple to want the company.
  • He lead Pixar Media to redefine the Animation industry and become the most successful Animated Movie company in the world.
  • He RETURNED to Apple and has led Apple back to profits and redefined the Music industry.

Depicted in the book and a bit morally bankrupt, the book follows not only Job's business ups and downs but his personal evolution from driven young bastard to motivated emotive family man.

Especially if you work in the information industry this book is not only a great story but a great history lesson as well.

As a bonus, it's well written and an easy pleasurable read. I finished it on Saturday and by Sunday it had already been swiped by my father-in-law.

The book closes with Steve Jobs committing to take on Bill Gates.

I never understood the vilification of Bill Gates. I guess I just write it off to his success. Nobody sets their sights on NUMBER TWO.

In any event, Jobs is inarguably a really creative guy - I'm not sure what "Taking on Bill" means exactly, but it will sure be fun to watch what he does with Apple in the next few years.

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