The Code Room – Breaking Into Vegas !!!

The Code Room – Breaking Into Vegas – Is LIVE !!!!


AIn December I wrote and co-produced a TV show. The burb is below – PLEASE watch itm blog about it and TELL EVREYONE !!!


As part of our developer security campaign this year around the importance of writing secure code I am pleased to announce the launch of the Code Room's latest episode,  "Breaking Into Vegas".


This episode features a veritible Who’s Who in Application Security.


What is "The Code Room"

The Code Room is a 1/2 hour internet TV show that exposes technologists to the latest tools and technologies for tackling real-world software development issues. This professionally produced & directed TV show highlights the social, teaming, and technical challenges faced when attempting to complete a software development project. Our latest installment is all about developer security.

Breaking Into Vegas

In this episode of The Code Room a small group of rouge hackers finds its way into the systems for High Rollers at the famous Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. When the Casino finds out they call in the "A Team" to get to the bottom of this. Watch the games as the Black Hats go for high stakes against the White Hats and the games unfold in this episode.

The Cast:

  • Caleb Sima (CTO & Founder, SPI Dynamics)
  • Duane LaFlotte (CTO, CriticalSites)
  • Joel Scambray (Senior Director MSN Security, Microsoft)
  • Rick Samona (Product Manager, Microsoft)
  • Frank Swiderski (Security Software Engineer, Microsoft)
  • Keith Brown (Co-Founder, PluralSight)
  • John Viega (CTO & Founder, Secure Software)

Hosted by:

  • Joe Stagner (Developer Security Evangelist, Microsoft)
  • Jesse Knapp

Go and see the show (28 minutes) at


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