My experience with Oracle long predates my eployment at Microsoft.

I never liked Oracle.

Never liked their products, their business ethics, or their CEO !

Normaly I’m hesitant to laugh (at least publicaly) at a competitors difficulties, but any company that has the audacity to declare their software “UNBREAKABLE” is pretty much fair game.

So here is what looked like when I visited yesterday.

Sure looks broke to me  

Comments (2)

  1. Dave McMahon says:

    Personally I can’t believe that Oracle charge such and extortionate amount for their products can’t produce a decent set of tools to work with.  When our company was engaged in  work with Oracle we had to fork out a ton of cash just to be able to program the blasted thing other than by that stupid SQL* command line nonsense.

    As for being unbreakable – that’s a laugh!  Just try killing off one or two sessions via PL/SQL Developer session manager – broke our Oracle 10g every time.  Never yet managed to kill off SQL Server simply by ending a session …

    Long live SQL Server!!!

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