More, and Beter, Verizon Wireless Experiences.

About a year ago I posted an enthusiastic complaint about the customer service I had been receiving at Verizon Wireless.


I had been going to THIS STORE as it was the only Verizon Wireless store in town. The people there SUCK. Every time I went there I wanted to strangle someone and every day I read the paper expecting to read about some massive “postal” event taking place there.


A while ago Verizon Wireless opened up a store inside the new Concord, NH Circuit City. (HERE)


I have to wonder if they opened this store because the main store was so bad.


While in Circuit City with the three-year-old, while I was looking at DVDs, my daughter started talking to the sales attendant. When I went over he asked me if I was a Verizon Wireless customer and, after resisting the temptation to unload with a complete answer, I said yes.


He asked if there was anything he could do for me relative to my account, and I told him about the problem with my wife’s phone.


Turns out this guy was a big surprise.


1.)    He actually knew the phones and Verizon’s service offerings.

2.)    He actually seemed to CARE about my past experiences.

3.)    He was way more interested in finding out what he COULD do for me than telling me all the things he couldn’t do.

4.)    He actually took the initiative to call a district manager to see how he could best solve my issue.

5.)    HE sold me a good phone for a reasonable price to replace the one that never really worked in the first place.

6.)    He even gave my daughter a “blank” phone (the plastic look-a-likes they use for display) s that my daughter could have a phone “just like her mom”.


So, I’m STILL a Verizon Wireless customer. I guess you just have to pick the store you use for service.


It’s a great example of how LOCAL company culture (all the way down to the store or shift level) can really effect a company’s over all quality.


I have TWO new Verizon Wireless devices and am no longer looking for service elsewhere.

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  1. Suzanne MacDonald says:

    This is interesting because i have been tempted to switch for a while now, yet hesitating because of the penalty fees I will incur as I have not fulfilled my 2 year contract. After upgrading our phones,in less than six months, my phone would not hold a charge. When taken to our local Verizon Wireless store, they decided they needed to send it out. It took a month to get the phone back and I was given a less than  comparable loaner phone, perhaps that is standard. When I went to pick up  my phone after a month, the clerk still could not get it to work and had to send it out again. At that point, I told them their loaner phone stunk and I wanted to know what they were going to do for me, the customer, in exchange for the inconvenience. I barely used the loaner phone it was that poor, yet I was still paying a cell phone bill for a phone I couldn’t use. They gave me a different loaner, a little better than the previous one. Bottom line, I was not pleased with their customer service in our local store. In fact the owner came in and acted as if it was of no concern to him. I am just waiting until our contract is up and I intend to go elsewhere…however, it’s nice to know it’s not that way everywhere with Verizon  

  2. Christine says:

    I have an account with Verizon Wireless that allows 450 minutes per month of Peak usage.

    I’ve noticed for the past 6 months or so, that a few days prior to the end of my billing cycle, I am not given a current read-out when I check for usage (pressing # 646 from my cell phone).

    At first, I figured that this might be just coincidental but it happened again and I called Customer Service requesting an explanation.  I was given a lame excuse that it had something to do with some transmission towers not providing up-to-the-minute information (or some nonsense like that).

    Even if it were true (which I highly doubt), it’s amazing how those “transmission towers” seem to be working fine for about the first 28 days of my billing cycle.

    In addition, my plan and billing cycle date were changed about 2 months ago and the same thing has happened.  This experience has cost me a few hundred dollars in overage charges to date and I truly believe that this nothing more than a scam perpetrated by another big corporation on its customers.  Think of how much extra revenue is generated by doing that?  

    I have had enough and I am switching carriers once and for all.  If anyone has experienced similar problems such as me and has any helpful suggestions, please let your voice be heard.  You may also contact me at passionquest_2006

    Thank you,


  3. Joe Stroll says:

    On Sept 15, 2006, after 10 yrs with Verizon Wireless I purchased a new Palm Treo.  At the time I signed an agreement and got an email confirming my 2 yrs of continued bliss.

    My plan contained the Treo 700 p Smartphone; addiotnal accessories Power charger; Bluetooth and INsurance, etc.

    Because of my need for the palm, I signed up for the UNLIMTED DATA USAGE and UNLIMITED IN messaging plus 1000 addtional messages.

    These costs $44.99 and $15.00 a month extra.

    Total monthly charges were to be no more than $66.97 a month.  The bill has been paid up to date since 9/15/2006 when I bought the TReo Phone.

    It’s now late March and I have been getting harrassing calls from Verzion Wireless.  They on several attempts have tried to slam me into another package with lower monthly rate but now charge me for the data and IN messages units.  When I refused they hung up.  Again number two caller from Verzion calls to say my plan is old and out of date and tries to change the name of the plan to SLAM me into another plan.  This goes on all week and as much as four calls day.

    Today, is Saturday, March 31, and I now get a call from "James"  He proceeds to tell me the same thing about my plan and how I’m wrong and that they changed my plan on March 3, 2007 WITH OUT MY CONSENT.  Even though I have an 2 yr agreement with them and expect a $66.97 a month bill, they are now changing my plan and charging me $125.00 a month.

    Needless to say, I am writing to my congressman, Chris Shays; the better business bureau and the FTC and anyone else who can read this blob.


    Joe Stroll

  4. Sean Foley says:

    Do not sign on with Verizon Wireless! These guys are jokes.

    Back in May I signed up for a unlimited data plan with wireless card for my laptop. I was very clear with the sales rep that I would be using the broadband card on my daily commute and wanted to know the refund policy in case I did not get good service (I commute on the train through some rural areas). He said if i cancel within 30 days I would get all my money back. I asked about the activation fee because i wanted to be absolutely sure. He said yes, everything.

    Well the broadband card really didn’t work out for me so shortly before the 30 days was up i brought it back in to the store. Theytook back the broadband card and told me everything would be credited back and i owed nothing.

    Then I got my first bill. I called the 800 number on the bill and they told me i need to go into the store where i bought it. So i went to the store and they appologized and said they would take care of it.

    then last week i got another bill. I went in and they said that i would have to pay for the first 30 days that i had the card.

    Wait a minute!! i was very clear with the sales rep about this and he assured me that i would not have to pay aything. I asked to talk to the store manager and he was even more unhelpful and patronizing.

    DO NOT SIGN UP WITH VERIZON! I currently have my cell phone service with Tmobile and me and my girlfriend’s contract is about to expire in a couple months. We had been considering moving over to Verizon. The plans cost more with Verizon but based on the commercials i thought thye might have better customer service than i have now.

    THANK YOU verizon for saving me the time, money and heartache of switching to you. Looks like you got my $89 but not the thousands of dollars we would have spent with you in the future.

  5. George says:


    Here is my experience as recent as tonight. I left the country and set up an interruption of service last month. Before leaving, I checked my minutes and realized I had gone over my plan, so today I called Verizon (long live Skype) to pay for those extra minutes (at 40 cents a min., obviously).

    I was told that instead of the 30 dollars I was expecting to have to pay, I was owing them 100 dollars, because they also billed me another service charge.

    After spending 10 minutes with the agent, I gave up for now. I am really annoyed as I don’t have any paper bill with me here and they cut my online access 🙁 – my question is: doesn’t a service charge get billed in advance?

    I mean, I payed my August bill last month, so that should include my service charge for August, right?

    Any answers would be apreciated at postelni-a-t-nmr-dot-mgh-dot-harvard-dot-edu

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