Dundas Data Visualization Products – I’m a MVP !

I’m a HUGE fan of integrating 3rd party tools and libraries to the development process. All too often I find development managers that are penny wise and pound foolish. Opting not to let their development teams buy and try 3rd party libraries only to have those developers spend hours upon hours to develop a less-desirable answer to the problem they’re facing at several times the price of purchasing a 3rd party solution.


I use many UI libraries. I use ComponentOne stuff regularly and I really love the Infragistics UI stuff.


I’m developing an application based on my Law Enforcement technology experience and needed a way to represent the relationships between surveillance subjects in a visual manner. I considered Visio for this purpose, but my needs did not include the rich data associations that Visio supports and did require more UI flexibility.


I looked at a few solutions and decided to try Dundas Diagram. Now I was looking for a replacement for Infragistics (which I use for UI features) or ComponentOne (which I use in conjunction with Infragistics for C1’s additional features.


The cool thing about Dundas is that they are not a “general UI” tools company. They pick specific problems and focus on delivering great solutions to those particular problems.


So…….  After a series of communications – I’M A DUNDAS MVP !!!!!!!


Dundas Diagram is an awesome visualization technology.



Dundas Gauge offers UI artifacts that are unique and ideally suited for numerically relevant visualizations.



Dundas Chart is just a super charting package for ASP.NET, Windows Forms AND SQL Reporting Services.



I’ll be working Dundas tools into my demos – in the mean time – check them out here!

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