BOOK – Raymond Chen’s Old New Thing

Quite some time ago I reviewed a manuscript for Raymond Chen’s new book “The Old New Thing”. Now if you don’t know who Raymond Chen is (which means you’re probably not in software development), he’s been at Microsoft for a really long time and is often the smartest guy in the room. So I got…


PHP Security Woes

I do alot of PHP programming and like working with apps like Joomla and XOOPS, etc…. I have wondered if PHP would suffer the scrutiny that ASP did a while back. This dialog on Slash Dot is interesting…… “PHP security holes have a name — quite often it was Stefan Esser who found and reported…


AJAX Service TimeOut question from yesterda’s Live-From-Redmond !

Yesterday someone asked how to manually set Service Call Timeouts. I had no idea. But Bertrand Le Roy did. (Bertrand is an Engineer on the team and seems to know EVERYTHING about MS AJAX) Ayway – Bertrand pointed me at these. Sys.Net.WebRequest.set_timeout Sys.Net.WebRequestManager.set_defaultTimeOut I didn’t see these in the documentation (and it’s not searchable yet)…


AJAX Predictive Fetch – Webcast Materials

Many thanks to everyone who attended. Here is the source code and PowerPoint. Please feel free to post questions.  


WEBCAST TODAY – Live from Redmond – AJAX Pattern

Tune in today at 9:00AM PST / 12:00 Noon EST for a Live Webcast on implementing the AJAX Pattern “Predictive Fetch” More info HERE !


The Advantages of Microsoft AJAX

One of the PUMs (Product Unit Manager) in my team, Shanku Niyogi, is an AJAX guru and recently wrote this internally to describe the advantages of Microsoft AJAX.   I thought it was a great write up and I’m reprinting it here with his permission.   ——————   There are a wide variety of good…


WEBCAST TODAY – Using Microsoft AJAX with NON Microsoft Server Technologies

AT 9:00AM PST (12:00 EST) <<  TODAY  >>I’ll be doijng a live webcast on using Microsoft Ajax / Atlas Technologies from Non-Microsoft Server Technologies. Demos in PHP but the methods will work with anything. Get the details and sign up here…….. Live Webcast.


SlickEdit – SlickEdit® Gadgets for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005

Along with my previous post I sould some cool FREE stuff for Visual Studio from the Editor Gurus at SlickEdit. I use SlickEdit and it’s a HECK of a good Editor !  SlickEdit – SlickEdit® Gadgets for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005.


Power Toys Pack Installer

Every once in a while I catch my self saying – “there sould be a tool to do this”. Which yesterday found me searching and finding this for neat add ins for Visual Studio!   The Power Toys Pack Installer.