BOOK REVIEW: Eclipse Distilled

I tried early versions of Eclipse. They sucked. Eclipse 3.0 is a huge improvement. (And the performance problems seem to be fixed.) Eclipse Distilled is a fast 280 page tour of Eclipse and, while Java coverage is a given in an Eclipse book, Eclipse is clearly… ·         A platform – not a tool. ·         Not…


BOOK REVIEW: JBoss – A Developer’s Notebook

After meeting with Bill Hilf, Director of Microsoft’s Technical Platform Strategy R&D Group, and discussing Microsoft’s recent agreement with JBoss Inc. (read more here), I went on a bit of a Java refresher. (I used to be a Java Developer) After interviewing Jesse Liberty on his Visual C# 2005 Developer’s Notebook, I got turned on…


A great quote….

  Judge a man by the questions he asks, rather than the answers he gives.  – Voltaire