This weeks Whimpo-Dorko Award Goes to Stuart Cohen and the OSDL.

eWeek magazine reports that at LinuxWorld last month, Microsoft approached the Open Source Development Labs about conducting a jointly funded research study to compare Linux and Windows.

In typical mealy Slashdot fashion, OSDL CEO Stuart Cohen whined ….

“Microsoft could probably find one negative line on Linux in a 100-page research report that it would spend $10 million marketing while ignoring the other 99 pages," he said. "Why would OSDL want to participate in that?"”

Yup, and the moon might be made of Cheese !

I guess Stuart and the OSDL already KNEW what the results of a JOINT study would be.

If they keep doing isolated results they can keep spin-doctoring the results!

Just one more proof point that Linus does not offer a COMMERCIALLY VIABLE business alternative. Even Linux’s most vocal advocates run from a head to head coparison.

OK Slashdotters – let the onslaught begin!

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