BOOK REVIEW – Podcasting Solutions

I liked Podcasting – A Do It Yourself Guide because of it’s flavor and enthusiasm. [ Read Review Here ]

Since then I’ve been looking for a Podcasting book that was a bit more technical.

“Podcasting Solutions” is a step in the right direction – though still not comprehensive.

The book is a “Turn Key” guide with coverage on Listening to Podcasts, Planning your own Podcast, choosing the right gear (hardware and software), doing the recording, editing, post production, distribution, advertising, developing an audience, and even making money with a podcast.

It covers both Mac ands Windows Podcasting (though like most books published so far leans toward the Mac for some reason.)

It comes with a CD than contains everything that you need to get started and gives coverage to multiple editing tools like Adobe Audition and Audigy. (It actually uses the free Audigy quite a bit and I’ve had some trouble finding real detailed guidance on Audigy.)

The book includes a glossery for podcasters and an appendix that is a good guide to resources.

At $24.99 this book should be considered a no-brainer if your gonna podcast.

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  1. Terry C. says:

    What do you think of the eBook on podcasting available @ Do people really want to have a hard copy, install a CD and learn that way when they can simply open an eBook and go to the chapter they were working on?

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