Why a lawn tractor is a business expense ?

So I admit it. After my Children, my Wife, and Microsoft, yard work just doesn’t fit into my schedule very oft. Add that to the fact that I pretty much hate doing it and procrastination starts to figure in.

Problem: My Wife is very into the “Groomed Yard” thing. When we built the house she laid out the landscaping, so I have a lawn roughly the size of a high school football field.

I’ve always resisted buying a “ride on” lawn mower. Pushing the lawn mower is the only exersize that I get these days.

This summer, while I was away on business, my Wife decided the lawn couldn’t wait until I got back and that she would mow the lawn herself.

So when I got home I took the lawn mower (the BRAND NEW lawn mower) back to Sears for repairs. The service center called the next day (I could heart the guys laughing in the background). They wanted to know “what happened to it” !

So we went back to Sears to buy ANOTHER lawn mower.

Now the idea of buying a Lawn Tractor doesn’t sit well with me. Having been single until my mid-thirties, buying a home was more responsibility than I was used to, having a home depot credit card made me a laughing stock with my friends, and buying a Mini-Van cast me into psycho-therapy.

But Sears had a big promo going on, my Wife thought it was a good idea (which means the decision was made.) My logic was that I’d by the biggest, toughest lawn tractor they had in the hopes that it would be more durable than Jill !

Having grown up on a farm, I guess I inherited a bit of farm-boy genetics, ‘cause after it was delivered I sarted thinking that I didn’t really want my Wife to hurt the tractor. So, I re-committed myself to being thegood husband and keeping the lawn mowed.

And then I discovered what the real advantage to owning a lawn tractor is (at least for guys that hate mowing the lawn.)

1.) Kids LOVE to ride. Whjich means mowing the lawn is now time I get to spend with my children.

2.) The tractor has more than twice the mower deck width and four times the horsepower of a push mower. This means that I can mow in 4th gear ans do the whole thing in about 1/3 of the time it used to take me !!!!

Smart woman my Wife !

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  1. The suggestion my wife made was that we pay someone to cut the lawn. They come regularly, do a great job and I get to spend more time with my wife. Our son is grown and out of the house so getting him to cut it is no longer an option. 🙂 There is nothing quite like coming home from a customer visit or a long trip and finding that the lawn was cut that day.

  2. JoeStagner says:

    Ahhh, I just can’t bring myself to pay someone else to do my husbandly chores. 🙂

  3. lois says:

    yeah, we bought a lawn tractor from sears also. the first one was my fathers and he was constantly fixing it.

    the second one we bought on the sears card and had nothing but trouble with it. the plastic wheel knuckles broke and the tractor sat in the front yard till the sears repair van came over. (business expense) we were so mad cause we had just replaced the automatic transition free of charge as it was under warrenty.

    then the tires got thorns in them and leaked and we are constantly using the air compressor to pump them up, now the undercarrage has large cracks in them where the front wheel axle attatches to the main frame, so the front end of the mowing deck is scraping into the ground and the rear of the deck is scraping into the rear tires.

    we need our lawn tractor and must have one for our small farm.

    we are now going to purchase another from lowes this time. this time we will check to make sure all the underparts are forged steel! and the tires hard rubber!

  4. Steve says:

    NEVER & I MEAN NEVER buy a lawn tractor from sears. I will give you the play by play on my experience with this company (if that’s what you call it).

    1. Rear tire sidewall fails & eggs out. 15 days after purchase. Called service dept for in home waranty work. Got run around from rep wanting me to replace the tire as it would be 2 weeks before an appt can be scheduled. I waited for the appt. Took 1/2 day off work as had to be present when tech was there. Tech calls me before arriving in middle of service window & says he has to order tire. So I wasted a 1/2 day of vacation.

    2. When he does show up 2 weeks later after ordering tire. He calls & say he can’t get bead to seat & will have to take tire to shop to mount & won’t have it done until tomorrow. He returns next day with mounted tire on all scratched up rim. Said he had to put tube in it to seat bead on new tire. BS he did not know how to seat the bead. Low pressure tires will cut valve stems. Rim is trashed.

    3. Argued with techs supervisor regarding tube & parts view show tube so tube must be right…….WRONG. rim is still trashed.

    4. Negotiated with supervisor after this for a new rim & I will handle the remounting….OK rim shows up in grey……NOT white as on the tractor.

    5. Called supervisor & left 2 messages..unreturned calls. Finally after another 2 weeks  get ahold of supervisor & discuss the grey rim…get a return call in my voice mail & informs me all replacement rims are grey & thats the way it is.

    6. I call the supervisor & leave message to a cell phone that has been shut off (intentionally ??) saying this is unacceptable & have not gotten the coutesy of a return call.

    7. Top it off…it was bout on a 12 month no interest deal & there credit company bills me for interest.

    DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. If I knew now I would have spent the extra $100 & bought the JD.


  5. ROn Heiby says:

    ALWAYS buy the best equipment! I have 3 John Deeres 2 are 17 years old and has never been in the shop for anything.( Maintence oil and grease very important and prem fuel NOT the cheap stuff) the other is 10 years old and all was in the shop for was a hydo belt I just could not get it off. Sure you pay a little more at the beginning. BOTH neighbors have been through 3 and 4 mower each. They think they are saving money buying new Junk when it breaks and start over. Buy the better equipment and stop wasting money on temp junk that will NOT hold up. Neighbor across from me was proud of his new Sears 25 horse tractor and hit a small rod in the ground. Broke the shaft going up into the engine and sears said your problem as it was for mowing grass not pipe.  I have even seen the mower deck get bent up and warp after hitting a root and the new deck was almost the cost of a new tractor. I also cut the church grass and was able find a bigger mower for that (to git r done faster) and yes I get to write it off as a donation for the church as it is for using there.

  6. Michael says:

    Ok! well I can say that sears is not the best place in the world to shop or to deal with when there is a problem!! but before you get all caught up in the "john deerocracy" I have had experience with the Craftsman lawn tractor since I was around 9 or 10 and I just turned 30!  We live on a 10 acre farm and owne "4" all of which are still in good working order including the 10hp my father purchased back in 1984!! We have had only one major problem and that was a piston breaking its way out of the cylinder wall of the engine, that’s what can happen when it’s run hard without a drop of oil!!!! other than that from the little 10hp Briggs all the way up to the 22hp V Twin Kohler they have mowed our place faithfully ever summer for over 20 years and they have not had the best of treatment "VERY HARD LIFE" out in the rain,snow,heat uncovered most of the time with little or no TLC,live on a huge hill with numerous dipps,Huge rocks and holes hit rocks so hard that it would instantly stop the engine dead! started back up and went on mowing! Rolled same one over "TWICE" I have plowed my way through brush and weeds taller than the hood of the 22hp,mowing where only a tractor with a bushhogg should venture. We have changed tires,belts,filters,headlight bulbs,batteries,oil and gas but that’s about it the engine failure was our fault!! not the mower and that’s how I feel about that!

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