BOOK Review – Joel Spolsky User Interface Design for Programmers.

Joel Spolsky is a funny guy. (Funny as in uniqe, not as in Robbin Williams).

He’s opinioned and controvercial (which I’ve myself been accused of, so I don’t consider those bad character traits.)

I often read about people who are in vigourous dissagreement with Joel.

I think the thing that makes Joel an intereting writeris notthat I agree with all his opinions. In fact I don’t. But great writers make you think and tha’s what I like about Joel’s books (he recent compendium excluded).

This book is a quick, full color read. It’s full of things that eithe rmake you go, “Yup, thats a good rule”, or “nope, I think it should work like this”.

The book covers both Web and Windows UI design, has some great basic thought premis’ and shows many exampls of good and bad (according to Joel) design.

If you do front end work this book is a useful addition to your bookshelf.

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