PODCASTING – Getting started with BSWUSA.com

I just wanted to comment on the customer service experience that I've been having while building and preparing to launch my podcasting practice.

Since I often blog to complain about companies that give me terrible service (Verizon & HP) and those posts get me LOTS of feedback, I thougth I would comment about a company that I've had GREAT interactions with.

I've been working, more or less exclusivly, with BSW (www.BSWUSA.com)

I've now placed many orders with them and spent a great deal of time on the phone with their broadcast audio experts. Their people are very knowledgeable and very happy to listen to detailed questions and offer their advice. They are not in a hurry to up-sell your order or sell you more expensive stuff then you need.

Even with standard shipping there delivery is FAST.

Much of what I've purchased was cheaper than used stuff was going for on eBay.

When I made an accounting mistake the lady in the business offince was very pleasent in getting me all the invoice documentation that I needed for propper expence accounting.

Over all a consistant FIVE Star performance.

And if Podcasting is your thing - BSW is really into it. They offer package deals for Podcasters that rock.

They have helped make the process of trying to learn all the complex audio technology fun and exciting for me.

I hope you'll go to their website and request the free catalog.

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