New blog and other stuff……

Why another blog? No, I’m not leaving Microsoft, but I’m going to be really stepping up my blogging activities and I’m going to do most of it here. Though I’ll be cross posting to my MSDN blog for some time.


So WHY ?


There are a number of reasons.


First, my team-mate Rory Blyth has convinced me that not being hosted inside the “mother ship” does not necessarily mean a blog can’t grow in exposure.


And, another teammate, Russ Fustino of Russ’ ToolShed fame, has convinced me that I need to do some personalized branding of my events – so in addition to blogging at, I’m turning my New England MSDNEvents into Joe’s Developer Dojo.


I’m also going to be launching two on-line projects. Audio Podcasting for developers at and Video Podcasting for Developers at


Because I’m going to be doing so much A/V stuff and Community Server’s enclosure support is not implemented yet (and that’s what MSDN Blogs uses) I want to blog where I have access to the code !!!!


And, posts seem to disappear from MSDN Blogs main index J


So – TELL ME what you want in a blog, podcast, video podcast !!!


Thanks !


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