My new MaximumASP hosting is FAST – REALLY, REALLY FAST !!!!

It’s hard to publish content on – rules, tools, and politics.


So when I started the Digital Blackbelt Series I set up a shared hosting account and paid for it out of pocket. $45 per month. Multiple domains, MSSQL databases, hosting tools, plenty of band width usage, etc.


I set up several sites, but mainly I set up – a classic ASP site running the SOOP Portal with an MS-SQL backend.


I did the first session in the series – about 500 listeners visited the site and brought it to it’s knees.


I’ve had problems ever since.


Last year on the way to TechEd, my plane got diverted to Las Vegas due to fires in Southern California. At the airport I met Chris Morrow from


Well, to make a long story short – the guys at MaximumASP have stepped up to work with me to get moved over to one of their servers. The server is on line and I’m getting ready to move.


IT’S FAST – not a little fast – IT’S REALLY FAST  !


When I remote desktop into the machine – it easy to forget that I’m remote !  Awesome!


This will let me do some very interesting things this spring !


Thanks MaximumASP !!!


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  1. I’ve worked quite a bit with MaximumASP in the past, and they are hands down the best place to host ASP.NET applications if you can’t afford to build out and maintain your own multi-million dollar data center.

    They are deliver a better product (easy of use, performance, stability, and support) than all of the other players I’ve worked with for managed hosting. IBM’s hosting services could learn a thing or two from them.

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