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My buddy Carl Franklin (Author, Trainer, Geek Radio Celeb, and Start-Up Business Wiz) sort of skipped the blogging craze and jumped right to the excitement around all the different ways to broadcast audio over the net. (This was probably an intuitive connection for Carl due to his life of music accomplishments,

Anyway, after a recent conversation on the audio thing, he has me jazzed on the idea and I’m doing research.

While I might do something technically related (Thom Robbins and I have discussed a developer focused radio show – less entertaining that DotNetRocks )  but since everyone needs a life outside of the job, my other thing is training kickboxers like this guy.

So a a friend and I have been kicking around the idea of a weakly talk radio show, www.FightRadio.com – not that I could make the time to actually do it, but the technology is cool !

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  1. SBC says:

    your radio show may be less entertaining since you don’t have Rory! ..wait.. now that Rory works for MSFT may be you can requisition him..


    We are getting the Connecticut Dev Group running as well (ctdotnet.com) and Carl helps out and contributes considerably.

    Carl is quite talented with videos also – his DotNet Rocks DVD is a riot and with ‘Mondays’, he’s on his way to becoming the ‘Howard Stern’ of the Net… 🙂

  2. SBC says:

    here’s another one for your list (via Scoble) –
    <br><a target="_new" href="http://www.dopplerradio.net/">http://www.dopplerradio.net/</a&gt;

  3. Ian Smith says:

    Did you REALLY mean to talk about a "weakly" radio show or did you mean a weekly one? 😉

    Podcasting is fun. I actually find myself wishing the commute was longer these days, which is quite a turnaround!

  4. Thanks Ian,

    Hopefully it won’t be weakly weekly.

    The meds they have me on for Pneumonia seem to be making my fingers fat 🙂


  5. Hey,

    Check out the g’day world podcast at http://www.gdayworld.com

    🙂 It’s a great listen.

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